Creating duplicate copies or images of documents or any form of writing is the primary purpose of carbonless paper systems. Said system may consist of two or three various kinds of carbonless paper based on the number of copies that one needs or wants. The topmost page where one writes on is a CB type sheet while a CF type sheet is found as the bottommost page. CFB type sheets are placed in between the two pages. You can place as many CFB sheets in the system as you would need.

Coated Back

A formula of encapsulated dye and ink is used to cover the bottom side of the Coated Back (CB) type sheet. It should be noted that said formula may be created to fit a client’s need as the manufacturers have freedom in using their proprietary formulations and customizing such to specific usage of the produced forms.

Pressure from a pen or any writing material causes the elements on the bottom side of the type sheet to burst and spill dye on the duplicate copy. The CB type sheet which is seemingly invisible when unused only works or displays marks when it is paired with a sheet coated with a compatible reactive agent. The duplicate image is retained on the CB sheet and it should always be placed on top of carbonless copy system.

Coated Front

The CB and CF type sheets are to be placed one on top of the other with the CF sheet always getting the bottom position. The images or marks on the copy are created when the reactive agent on the CF is triggered the chemicals on the CB. The CF sheet is said to be placed as the bottommost copy sheet in a carbonless copy system.

Coated Front and Back

You are able to place as many Coated Front and Back (CFB) sheets in between your CF and CB type sheets. Just like the CF sheet the top is covered with a reactive agent while the bottom of the sheets is covered with micro-encapsulated ink or dye like the CB type sheet. When pressure is applied on the top page of the system, the image caused by pressure will be transferred to sides of the pages of the system, namely: CFB sheet’s front and through it, and to the CFB or CF sheets on the bottom. You will have to acquire CFB sheets if there is a need to create more than two copies.